Zoom Presentation with Paul Wheatley the Leeds Birder

Join us online at 7pm on the Tuesday 23¬†February for a presentation on a new conservation project at the Washburn Heritage Centre that we’d like your help with! Paul Wheatley will present on the Washburn Flycatcher Project, which aims to help out what was once a common bird in the UK – the Spotted Flycatcher. This species has declined by a staggering 87% since the 1970s and has become a scarce bird in Yorkshire. The project aims to provide nestboxes for these birds, monitor their numbers and breeding success, and enhance habitat and biodiversity through the creation of ponds and wildflower meadows. Gardens often make great habitat for Spotted Flycatchers, so Paul will also talk about what you can do to re-wild your garden for our nature, and particularly, our Spotted Flycatchers. If you’re interesting in joining us on Zoom to hear the presentation, please drop us an email at the usual address.