New programme to launch on Tuesday 3 October

We have enjoyed an exciting summer at the Heritage Centre and our website has “changed hands” … a lot of work has gone into bringing the website up to date and our news posts have been a little slow to appear.  However, we are posting news once again and very pleased to bring you our new programme of events “More than a woman” which launches on Tuesday 3 October at the Preview Evening for Members.  Our guest speaker is Mrs Clare Granger, the new High Sheriff of North Yorkshire.

You will see the image of Betty Simpson of the Washburn Valley, shown here in 1910.  Our programme aims to bring women of the Valley to life by giving them names and voices.  We bring stories of achievement and inspiration, of actors, warriors and much more, plus our popular seasonal events.  We hope you find something to attract your interest and look forward to seeing you.  Check out our Events page and contact Jenny on 01943 880794 to book, or email centre@washburnvalley.org.  Leaflets are available to collect from the Heritage Centre or public spaces in our area.