The Washburn Name

Home 7.       THE FEWSTON ASSEMBLAGE Is the name given to the sets of skeletal remains and artefacts that had to be removed from the Fewston churchyard in 2009 and 2010 to allow the Washburn Heritage Centre to be built. Read more… 8.      ORIGIN OF THE WASHBURN VALLEY NAME AND THE WASHBURN SURNAME There are three potential […]

Time Brings Change

Home Over the centuries there have been several intrusions of the outside world into the Valley: Bronze Age cup and ring stones show evidence of man’s presence in the valley thousands of years ago  the Romans built a road passing across Blubberhouses Moor the valley was part of the ancient Royal Forest of Knaresborough, a […]

Fine Stone Buildings

Home The Washburn Valley demonstrates a rich and diverse collection of vernacular architecture: 120 plus listed buildings – five Grade 2*, six Grade 1. Ranging from a roadside milestone to an Elizabethan manor house. Some constructions survive from a former way of life, such as pack horse bridges, ice houses and hunting lodges. Stained glass […]

A Haven for Nature

Home For a small and compact place the Washburn has a surprisingly wide range of habitats within its boundaries. Within 10 or so miles you can walk from the high moorland around Thruscross to the flat valley bottom around Leathley.   The habitats include: heather moorlandpoorly drained moorland edges (in-bye land)reservoirs and streamsgrassland – improved […]

Washburn Celebrities

Home There are several nationally famous people associated with the Washburn Valley. These include: The Fairfax family of Roundheads who lived at Scow Hall. Edward Fairfax (circa 1580 – 1635) was a translator who in 1600 translated Tasso’s ‘Jerusalem Delivered’, for which he is best known. It was dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I of England. He also […]

What and Where

Home The valley is approximately 22km long and the river Washburn rises above Thruscross reservoir near Stump Cross Caverns and flows to Leathley where it feeds into the river Wharfe.

The Valley

Home The Washburn Valley is a special place for many people. Both residents and visitors hold it with affection for its natural beauty and tranquillity – their own local lake district. What is special about it? Its very distinctive heritage of Human and Natural History with landscape strongly influenced by past generations through settlement form, dry […]